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We promise our jewellery repair service works... if you will.

We've operated on the main street for several years, repairing "while you wait" and creating jewellery.
The jewellery is more than just its value in gold or precious metals.
The day of your 21st birthday, the engagement ring, the wedding day, the eternity for each child or just because you celebrate life, your nan's, mum's or dad's jewellery which is so precious to you and you would like to wear it, to remember it and celebrate the loved ones.
That is why having them conditionate and ready to be worn repeatedly is priceless.

Your jewellery is in safe hands.

We cut off

the middleman

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At your service, always
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WhatWe do


Jewellery repairs


We do all kinds of repairs on gold, platinum and palladium jewelry.
We don't do silver.

Diamond replace


We replace diamonds and gemstones to any jewellery, waches as well.

Ring resize


We change the size of your ring. According to the construction of the ring, sometimes it needs more sophisticated interventions, but we have the skills and tools to do it.

Prong retipping


We do prong re-tipping, a jewellery repair technique used to repair or replace worn or damaged prongs that hold gemstones in place. The process involves removing and replacing old prongs with new ones, then securely soldered onto the jewellery piece.

Jewellery remodelling


Our jewellery remodelling service can be a great way to update old, outdated, or sentimental pieces, creating both modern and meaningful ones. It is essential to work with a reputable jeweller who has the necessary skills and experience to ensure that the remodelling is done correctly and to your satisfaction.

Bespoke jewellery


Whatever you want, we can do it.
For this service, you must come in person to our workshop in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.
Please show us a photograph or a sketch of what you would like to have.

Laser welding


We have the jewellery welding laser machine.

Add diamonds


We add diamonds and gemstones to any jewellery, waches as well.

Ring cut off


Chop, chop - the ring, not the finger :)
As you wish!

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How Much £££


Jewellery work is one of the most challenging jobs to value without carefully examining the jewellery under a microscope and making an evaluation.
Not only is each piece of jewellery different, but each customer also has different requirements.
The price to repair or remake a piece of jewellery will ultimately depend on factors that must be considered.

jewellery repair by post

We do not give prices based on explanations or images!

Offer a price without examining the jewel is unfair, arbitrary and not realistic for you as a customer and also for us as a service provider.

jewellery repairs birmingham

How is this going?

Contact us by phone at 07473920793 or email at; let us know that you are sending a parcel and give us some specifications of the job(s).
Wrap the jewellery in bubble layers. Send the jewellery to us at Andreeadesign, 197A, Warstone Lane, B18 6JR, Birmingham (Jewellery Quarter), shop Andreeadesign. Keep the receipt. We recommend you send the parcel well-insured. You only pay for shipping the jewellery to us if you proceed with the repair.
We can contact you by phone, WhatsApp or email to give you the quotation.
If you don't go ahead with the repair, a small fee of £20 will be asked from you to send back the parcel.

You can also come to our workshop in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, and we will fix the jewellery for you on the same day.
You can find the address and work hours below.
If you want the repair on the same day, we recommend coming at least two hours before closing.

jewellery repairs while you wait



Jewellery repair by post
Main street workshop
197A Warstone Lane
B18 6JR Birmingham,UK
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 08:30 - 15:00
07473 920 793
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